Early 2020: the Land of the Long White Cloud

Followers of our travel blogs will know that in 2017 our Fifth Son married a lovely Vietnamese lady. That trip, and our associated travels to Malaysia, is covered in our 2017 blog: Far East travels.

Fifth Son and beautiful wife have now moved to New Zealand. We didn’t need a second invitation. The trip begins at Birmingham airport next week.

But first, an apology and a word of explanation … Just before Christmas the Rider broke a metacarpal in his left hand. Yep, the clutch hand.

The medics sucked their teeth, saying 10-12 weeks to heal. No problem, said the Rider. This is my metacarpal. 6-8 weeks max, just in time for arrival in Christchurch.


Then the Rider broke the same bone again, three weeks later. Turns out that bone had originally been broken thirty years earlier by a thoughtful Rugby forward in a maul, who was ensuring this mouthy back was put firmly in his place. And being a mouthy back, the Rider never had the bone set properly. Hence its delicacy now. If you look close, you can see the zigzag.

So, no healed hand fracture, no biking round NZ. We will be doing it the conventional way, on four wheels. Sorry about that.

But please bear with us – it’ll still be fun. Guaranteed. Come along for the ride, and maybe we can include pix of other people’s bikes along the way (sob).

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